Substitution Policy:

Availability of used books is not guaranteed. While we try our hardest to fulfill your selected condition of new or used there may be times when the condition you selected is not available.

The substitution option tells us what to do if the condition (new vs used) you selected for the title is not available. Your original selection of purchase or rental will always remain intact. 

Selecting OK to Substitute means we will substitute a new copy of the title if used copies are not available or substitute a used copy if new copies are not available. 

Selecting No Substitutions means we will cancel this title if your exact choice in the condition (new vs used) is not available. 

For either option, your order total will be adjusted according to the book you actually receive. 

You select which substitution option to follow for each title you add to your cart.


Rental Terms & Agreement: 


Winter 2022 Rental Due Date: January 14th

Spring 2022 Rental Due Date: May 16th


You understand that you are renting (not purchasing) the items listed on your receipt as "rental" and they must be returned to Virginia Book Company no later than the rental due date.

If your rentals are returned damaged, you will be charged the replacement price. Replacement prices for each rental title are found on your receipt. After the replacement price is paid, you will own the item.

You understand that Virginia Book Company reserves the right to determine if a rental has excessive damage. Excessive damage is defined as but not limited to:

-any water or other liquid damage
-missing CD(s) or DVD(s)
-detached or missing cover(s)
-detached or missing page(s)
-excessive writing or highlighting

If your rentals are not returned or bought out within 5 business days of the due date, you will be charged the replacement pricing plus non return fees of $15 per rental title. Replacement prices for each rental title are found on your receipt.

Virginia Book Company is not responsible for reminding you of your rental return date. Any and all notifications are a courtesy. Virginia Book Company is not responsible for lost or stolen rentals or rentals sold back to our store or other stores.

If Virginia Book Company is unable to charge your credit/debit card for replacement prices and/or any applicable fees, you will be contacted by email to pay the balance due. Delinquent accounts will be prohibited from renting from Virginia Book Company in any future semesters and will be turned over to a third party collection agency.


Returning Rentals by Mail:

  • wrap your rentals in something to keep them dry during transit (plastic bag, ziplock,etc). Rentals with liquid damage will not be accepted for return
  • ´╗┐include your full name and phone number inside your shipment
  • mail your shipment to the following address:
Attn Floor Manager 
c/o Virginia Book Company
900 W. Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23220


Order Pickup Policy:

You will receive an email when your order has been filled and is ready for pickup. 

Orders must be picked up within thirty (30) days of fill date.

Orders not picked up within thirty (30) days of fill date will be surrendered to Virginia Book Company and no refund will be issued.